Woman Thinking ‘Gundam’ Pic is a Dick Pic Makes the Best Love Story Ever

Woman Thinking ‘Gundam’ Pic is a Dick Pic Makes the Best Love Story EverWoman Thinking ‘Gundam’ Pic is a Dick Pic Makes the Best Love Story Ever
A girl was shocked when a man he met online told her that he would send a picture of “his gundam” but what she didn’t know is that she’s in for an even bigger surprise.
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Elizabeth Howley was expecting the worst when a man she met online named John Grasso brashly told her he’ll be sending “a [pic] of my Gundam,” according to SoraNews24. While the 26-year-old florist braced herself for the worse, she actually received something unexpected and quite literal.
Howley received a picture of a “Gundam” model figure which Grasso painted himself. It turns out that Howley was a huge fan of the “Gundam” universe so she couldn’t help but appreciate and admire Grasso’s handiwork on the plastic model.
The fateful event eventually led to the two “Gundam” fans to meet up in person back in April one year ago. Fast forward to November 22 and Grasso just showed Howley his most prized possession, which isn’t his Gundam nor his “package”, but an engagement ring.
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It seems that Howley is getting married with the man he usually refers to as the “Gundam Guy” as she admits that she’ll soon be known as “Mrs. Gundam” herself. According to NJ, the couple were actually high school classmates and while Howley remembered Grasso, the “Gundam guy” didn’t remember her.
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Howley met Grasso again on Tinder but later decided that the app wasn’t for her and moved on. However, Grasso was persistent in re-connecting with Howley so he reached out to her through her Instagram account.
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“I wasn’t going to give up on her,” Grasso added. Fortunately for Grasso, Gundam holds a special place in Howley’s heart since “Mobile Suit Gundam Wing” was the first anime she ever watched. Grasso admitted that it was a “really nerdy thing” to impress Howley with but his betrothed still thought his “Gundam” was “very beautiful.”
They say fate seems to bind certain people no matter what but in this case, fate seems to be a ginormous metallic mechanoid suit of armor.
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