Ed Sheeran lives out every Pokémon fan’s dream in music video for ‘Celestial’

Ed Sheeran lives out every Pokémon fan’s dream in music video for ‘Celestial’Ed Sheeran lives out every Pokémon fan’s dream in music video for ‘Celestial’
Ed Sheeran goes on his own
The collaboration was teased earlier this month when the musician played a snippet of the song on his guitar while lying in an assortment of his own Pokémon plushies. He even got a tattoo of his favorite Pokémon, Squirtle, to celebrate the release.  
The music video begins with a flash of yellow outside a window and the 8-bit cry of a Pokémon. Sheeran is seen sleeping in a room full of Pokémon merchandise and a purple Game Boy Color. An animated Pikachu wakes Sheeran up with a jolt of electricity. The music video blends reality with animated scenes of Pokémon helping the musician throughout his day.
A Charmander spits fire in his kitchen, accidentally singeing his face and setting fire to his curtains while helping cook his breakfast. Luckily, Squirtle appears and puts out the fire with water. As Sheeran sits down to a feast at his dinner table with more food than one person could handle, the vacant seats become occupied by Pikachu, Charmander, Squirtle and Slowpoke.
As Sheeran sings his heart out, the camera zooms in on a television screen displaying a battle between Mew and Mewtwo. In a recreation of the climax of “Pokémon: The First Movie,” an animated Sheeran stands in place of the anime’s protagonist Ash Ketchum, riding in on a Charizard with his team of Squirtle, Charmander, Eevee, Pikachu, Lapras, Bulbasaur, Slowpoke and Machamp.
He throws out three Pokéballs and out comes the starters of the Galar region: Sobble, Scorbunny and Grookey from “Pokémon: Sword and Shield.” They all rush at the battling psychic legendaries.
Recreating the iconic moment from the first movie, Sheeran jumps between Mew and Mewtwo’s attacks and is struck by the incoming blasts. The video then fades back to the real world with Sheeran sleeping on a couch. He picks up his Game Boy with a confused look on his face before a Hypno appears and hypnotizes him back to sleep.
Sheeran is a well-documented Pokémon fan, having once tweeted out his love for “Pokémon: Black.”
Watch his latest music video below: 
This is the musician’s third time collaborating with The Pokémon Company following his special “Pokémon GO” in-game event last year and his greetings to players at the Pokémon World Championships in London last month.
According to Sheeran’s comment on the YouTube video, as well as a tweet by The Pokémon Company, the song can also be heard in the upcoming “Pokémon: Scarlet and Violet” games due out on Nov. 18. 
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