Thai man cut off his penis with scissors during cannabis-fueled psychosis, according to new case study

Thai man cut off his penis with scissors during cannabis-fueled psychosis, according to new case studyThai man cut off his penis with scissors during cannabis-fueled psychosis, according to new case study
Warning: This article contains graphic descriptions of bodily harm that some readers may find disturbing.
A 23-year-old Thai man reportedly cut off parts of his penis with scissors after suffering from an episode of cannabis-induced psychosis.
The news of the incident was published in the Journal of Medical Case Reports by a group of doctors who treated the unnamed Thai man, Daily Mail reported. It was unclear when the incident happened or where it took place.
The report revealed that the man, a frequent user of marijuana for two years, smoked a total of two grams of cannabis through two bongs before the episode – the amount he inhaled was equivalent to six joints. Doctors said the man had quit smoking but picked it up again three months before the incident.
He reportedly began suffering from a painful erection without any sexual stimulation two hours after smoking cannabis again. He started hallucinating, then worried that the tip of his penis appeared “distorted.” 
To relieve the pain, he reportedly used scissors to cut off the skin of his penis before ultimately amputating it. He eventually went to Chiang Mai University’s hospital when his genitals bled nonstop for two hours after the self-mutilation.
Medics at the hospital reportedly thought about reattaching the man’s penis, Dr. Theerapon Tangsuwanaruk said, but decided against it.
The distal penis was deemed too dirty and fragile for reconstruction,” the report said. “The amputated distal part of the penis was contaminated with ants and had fragile dorsal veins.”
The man’s urine test result confirmed the presence of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in his system. THC is the the chemical in marijuana that creates the sensation of being high. 
The man underwent surgery to stop the bleeding and have his wound cleaned. He was later interviewed by a psychiatrist, who discovered that he was “suffering from both visual and auditory hallucinations.” He was also reportedly found to be both “coherent” and “delusional” during the interview with “a restricted emotional range.” He remained in the hospital for around two weeks.
Professionals determined that the man has a substance-induced psychotic disorder and is not suicidal. It was unclear what caused the man’s painful erection, but Dr. Tangsuwanaruk believed it might have been an instance of priapism, a type of erection that can last for more than four hours. However, Dr. Tangsuwanaruk added that it was difficult to make an official diagnosis due to self-mutilation.
The report about this incident was published days after the local government announced plans to remove cannabis from its list of illegal drugs, making Thailand the first country in Asia to decriminalize marijuana, as NextShark previously reported.
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