DoorDash driver eats a customer’s order on TikTok after getting a $1 tip

DoorDash driver eats a customer’s order on TikTok after getting a $1 tipDoorDash driver eats a customer’s order on TikTok after getting a $1 tip
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A DoorDash driver recently went viral on social media for purportedly eating a customer’s order after getting a dollar for a tip.
The driver, who goes by Doordash Tips (@doordashtips2) on TikTok, posted a short clip on the video-sharing site showing himself consuming the contents of a red foil bag.
“DoorDash customer only tipped one dollar, hmm let’s see what he got at Arby’s huh?” the user says. “Beef and cheddar, he’s got the french dip and the crinkle fries. Oh man, that’s my favorite.”
The content creator then starts eating what appears to be a French fry before ending the video with “Thank you $1 tipper! Peace!”
The video has racked up over 560,000 views, as of this writing. Discussions in the comments section include commentary on the low pay given to delivery drivers, proper tipping etiquette and the untoward behavior of some delivery drivers.  
“That’s why I don’t use DoorDash. I don’t trust others handing my food or messing up my order but I do tip,” a user shared. 
“I always tip low on the app but when the person shows up to my door I always give them a $10 tip or more,” explained another.
“I’d get 1 star and bad tips sometimes literally running (if nothing could get spilled) with orders and ripping at 80kmph. still was pulling $50 an hour tho,” a delivery person said.
“Why did you accept the order? You know EXACTLY what you’re getting tipped beforehand. This is inexcusable and puts all of us drivers in a bad light,” wrote another delivery driver.
“Ask the company why you don’t get a cut of the ‘delivery fee’ that’s on top of the app fees,” a commenter suggested.
In response to a commenter who asked him why he should get tipped for doing his job as a delivery person, the TikToker posted a follow-up video saying that customers who can’t tip can just pick up the orders themselves.
A survey contracted by Circuit Route Planner last year revealed that 80% of delivery workers admit to eating part of their customer’s orders.
The drivers also admitted to “deliberately” damaging the packages/items they were hired to deliver (23%), urinating on or near a customer’s residence (9%), opening and then resealing packages (17%) and stealing packages intended for others (17%).
The delivery drivers who admitted to the ill behaviors say their lack of respect was due to bad tips (73%), tip baiting, or placing a generous tip when placing an order before removing them later (30%), customers’ dogs barking at them (57%), getting used for content in the customers’ TikTok or social media posts (42%) and unfriendly customers (30%).

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