‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Film is Giving All Asians a Chance to Become a Hollywood Star

‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Film is Giving All Asians a Chance to Become a Hollywood Star

January 24, 2017
Kevin Kwan’s bestselling novel, “Crazy Rich Asians”, is set to be Hollywood’s the big screen and director Jon M. Chu is now calling for a worldwide social media audition.
In an interview with Channel News Asia, Chu said that they want to cast the best Asian talent out there which is why they are conducting an audition via social media. Aspirants can upload their two-minute audition video via platforms Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube and use the hashtag #CrazyRichAsianCasting for a chance to land a role.
“Maybe we don’t find anybody or maybe we’ll find the next big star, but we want to have that opportunity to open (it) up to people,” the 37-year-old director said.
For those who want to try out their luck, all you have to do is introduce yourself in the video and read a brief scene from the book. All the auditions submitted through social media will run until February 10 while additional rules and guidelines are posted on their official website.
Chu did not reveal who has been cast but mentioned that the production team is already talking to several talents.
In the YouTube video that was posted a few days ago with a title “Crazy Rich Asians Casting Call,” Chu encouraged his viewers saying that the movie would be a great opportunity to “showcase all of the Asian talent out there.”
Chu who is famous for his concert film “Justin Bieber: Never Say Never” and “G.I. Joe: Retaliation” revealed that they will try to shoot in Singapore as much as possible, given that the plot of the book directly involves the Asian country.
“We are in the process right now, talking to the Singapore Film Commission,” he said.
The shooting of the film will reportedly start on April.
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