Video: Chinese woman filmed traveling to work while holding IV drip

Video: Chinese woman filmed traveling to work while holding IV drip (left), 东东 (right)

The woman, later identified online as Dongdong, was filmed in a subway on her way to work holding up an IV drip

June 6, 2023
A woman was recently filmed in a Shanghai subway holding up an IV drip bag.
What happened: The incident gained attention online after Douyin user shared a short clip of the woman riding down a subway escalator while holding up her IV drip, which he initially thought was “a drinking bottle.”
After realizing that it was an IV drip, he thought that she was “strong and life was not easy for her,” adding, “My heart hurt a little for her.”

Why she did it: The woman, a former nurse named Dongdong, explained she was on her way to her dance studio in Shanghai at the time. Dongdong, who had been suffering from a fever for several days, explained that instead of resting, she decided to go to work and also use the subway instead of taxis as she did not want to lose money since her business is still in its early stages.
As for the IV drip, the former nurse explained that she inserted it herself after a doctor she consulted with agreed she was capable of administering the fluids herself. She advised Douyin users not to try it themselves due to potential complications.
What people are saying: Some social media users empathized with Dongdong’s struggle for success, while others applauded her dedication and gave her words of encouragement.
Cheer up, beautiful girl! You are the best,” one Douyin user wrote.
“Dedication and commitment are admirable qualities. However, one’s health should always be the top priority,” another commented.

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