Chinese Woman Demands $1,000 Refund After Relationship Service Fails to Get Her Ex Back

Chinese Woman Demands $1,000 Refund After Relationship Service Fails to Get Her Ex BackChinese Woman Demands $1,000 Refund After Relationship Service Fails to Get Her Ex Back
A Chinese woman demanded a refund from an online service that specializes in mending broken relationships after they failed to get her ex-boyfriend to reconnect with her.
The Chengdu local reportedly wanted to get her ex-boyfriend back so she hired the services of a relationship counseling company back in April.
She spent 7,000 yuan ($1,058) on a three-month course which aimed to develop her social skills and give her a more mature mindset, according to South China Morning Post. However, the unsatisfied client called for a refund after claiming that the company did not provide the service they advertised.
To make matters worse, the woman later found out that her ex-boyfriend had married another woman and he no longer had any intentions of reconnecting with her. While the frustrated woman clearly didn’t get the results she expected, the company explained that their services centered on giving relationship advice instead of simply winning back an ex-lover.
A company representative, who goes by the surname Liu, told the client that there was only “a slight chance” that she could be reunited with her ex-boyfriend, but the girl still insisted. Liu explained that they would only “help a couple get over a crisis and achieve reunification,” but they didn’t guarantee their client a refund if they found their services to be unsatisfactory.
The client revealed that her ex-boyfriend is “a more mature type” and that he manages his own business. Unfortunately, the Chinese woman’s ex-boyfriend decided to end their relationship because she was “too immature.”
Meanwhile, online services that center on love don’t usually live up to the varying expectations of their clients.
In fact, there were almost 2,000 customer complaints against matchmaking services in Japan in 2016. According to the Star Online, Japan’s National Consumer Affairs Center recorded a staggering 1,983 complaints on companies that fail to deliver in finding their clients a perfect partner.
Customers of such services reportedly spend about 400,000 yen ($3,517) on matchmaking services that don’t deliver on their promised results.
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