‘You are not a child anymore’: Chinese vlogger confronts teen over racist gesture

‘You are not a child anymore’: Chinese vlogger confronts teen over racist gesture‘You are not a child anymore’: Chinese vlogger confronts teen over racist gesture
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A Chinese vlogger allegedly accosted by four teenagers while filming in Cambridge, England, went viral after confronting one of them for making a slanted-eye gesture in front of her.
Speaking in a video posted to Douyin on April 9, He Xiangbei, a 23-year-old Chinese travel vlogger, claims she was filming on the streets of Cambridge when the teenagers approached her from behind and started accosting her.
He says one of the teenagers placed her fingers on her eyes and made a slanted-eye gesture, which the popular Chinese vlogger believes was not the first time the girl had made the gesture.
He allegedly looked for the group and found them in a bookstore, where she confronted the girl who allegedly made the racist gesture.
I’m sorry, I’m a YouTuber. I just got a video of your, you know …” He can be heard telling the teenager, to which the latter replies, “Of what?”
You know what it is,” He, a graduate student studying in Brighton, England, tells her.
While being confronted, the girl says she was only massaging her eyes without intending to harm the vlogger, an excuse He slammed, saying, “Deny it all you want, but I know what I saw. You are not a child anymore. You need to pay for it.”
I will post it on my channel. Your friends, your family, your schoolteachers might be interested in that. Oh, by the way, just want to tell you, I have 3 million followers on my channel. Everyone going to know you are a racist.”
The girl reportedly grew irate after realizing that He was serious before later breaking down in tears.
He mentioned in her Douyin post that she used “Chinese wisdom” while confronting the teenager.
She explained in the comment section of her post that she was calm during the encounter and avoided making a scene in order to prove her point.
He’s video went viral on Douyin, receiving over 1.4 million likes and over 100,000 comments. The incident was also shared on Weibo by China Women’s Daily.
One of the comments under He’s post said that while she only has over 3 million followers, 1.4 billion Chinese people are supporting her.
This recent incident came on the heels of a controversial photo posted by Dior on Instagram, which showed a woman making a slanted-eye gesture.
The multinational luxury fashion brand eventually took down the photo following the backlash.

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