Chinese truck driver uses own vehicle to keep cars off collapsed highway

Chinese truck driver uses own vehicle to keep cars off collapsed highwayChinese truck driver uses own vehicle to keep cars off collapsed highway
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Ryan General
10 days ago
A Chinese truck driver has been hailed a hero for using his truck as a barrier and stopping cars from driving off a collapsed highway in southern China.
Key points:
  • Wang Xiangnan used his truck to create a barrier on the collapsed section of highway of the Meizhou-Dabu Expressway in Meizhou.
  • His wife assisted by alerting other drivers approaching the damaged area that have killed 48 people and hospitalized 30.
  • The couple’s actions potentially stopped dozens of vehicles from driving into a ravine. 
  • Wang has received financial awards which he reportedly plans to donate to the victims’ families.
The details:
  • Weeks of heavy rain in Guangdong province are believed to have contributed to the collapse of the highway section last week. The collapse left a gaping hole in the road and sent at least 23 vehicles plummeting into the ravine below. 
  • Wang, a 33-year-old former soldier, was traveling on the highway on May 1 when he noticed vehicles approaching from the opposite direction were making U-turns.
  • When one of the drivers informed him of the damaged road, Wang decided to position his large truck sideways across the remaining lanes. His wife exited the vehicle and alerted other oncoming drivers of the collapsed section.
  • The couple’s actions effectively blocked the highway and prevented further unsuspecting drivers from approaching the danger zone.
  • On May 3, the China Worker Development Foundation announced that it had awarded Wang 10,000 Chinese yuan ($1,400) for his heroic gesture. Another charity organization also gave an equal amount to the truck driver. Wang pledged to donate the money to the collapse victims’ relatives.
  • Local authorities in Meizhou city have since announced citywide inspections of expressways, railways and roads in mountainous areas.
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