Chinese man wins $10 million in lottery by using his family’s birth dates

Chinese man wins $10 million in lottery by using his family’s birth datesChinese man wins $10 million in lottery by using his family’s birth dates
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A Chinese man won a lottery jackpot worth 77 million yuan (approximately $10.6 million), with the winning numbers derived from his family’s birth dates. 
Stroke of luck: The winner, identified as Wu from Hangzhou, China, combined the birth dates of his wife and three children in a set of numbers that he applied to all 15 lottery tickets he purchased for 30 yuan ($4.15) earlier this month.
According to local reports, Wu lives and works in Hangzhou while his wife and children reside in another city.
“I have been using them in my betting since the beginning of this year and had a feeling they would do well recently. That’s why I bought so many betting tickets using the same group of figures,” he was quoted saying.
Winning moment: Wu, who is in his early 30s, discovered that each of his tickets won the first prize when the winning lottery results were announced on July 11
With his tickets winning 5.14 million yuan (approx. $711,200) each, he ended up with a remarkable 77.1 million yuan, the highest lottery award in Zhejiang province this year.
Supportive family: Wu revealed that his family has been supporting his hobby of purchasing lottery tickets since 2009. 
According to Wu, he has already shared the news about this multi-million-dollar winnings with his family, who are currently living in another city.
“I chose their birth dates to express my feeling of missing them,” Wu was quoted as saying.
Acknowledging the substantial amount of the prize, he noted that he needs time to plan how to manage his newfound wealth. He also expressed gratitude to his family, believing their presence brought him luck.
Lottery surge: While China has banned gambling since 1949, it has kept state-run lotteries China Sports Lottery and China Welfare Lottery. Lottery gambling is experiencing a surge in the country, with sales of lottery tickets and scratch cards reaching a staggering 175.15 billion yuan (approximately $24.2 billion) in the first four months of the year. This represents a remarkable 49.3% increase compared to the sales during the same period last year.
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