Chinese tourist slammed online for crashing his drone into world’s 2nd tallest building

Chinese tourist slammed online for crashing his drone into world’s 2nd tallest buildingChinese tourist slammed online for crashing his drone into world’s 2nd tallest building
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Reddit users criticized a tourist after he accidentally crashed his drone into the world’s second tallest building, Merdeka 118 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
The Chinese vlogger shared the mishap in a video uploaded to the Chinese video sharing website Bilibili on Sunday, which was then clipped and reposted on the r/Malaysia subreddit by a user named u/UniverseSphere on Tuesday.
In the full video, the man is surprised to see that the building is under construction, but he still pushes through.
He walks around and finds two workers relaxing by the road. He then asks them for permission to fly his small aircraft.
After receiving the green light and arriving at his destination, the vlogger takes out his device and begins flying it hundreds of feet above the ground. The resulting video gives a spectacular view of the building, which is expected to open sometime in mid-2023.
Tragedy suddenly strikes, however, when the man loses connection to his drone. The small aircraft, with its video camera still recording, can be seen hurtling towards a window of the Merdeka 118 before falling to the streets below.
Panicking, the man tries to run in an attempt to reconnect his remote to the device. 
“Game over. This drone is going to be destroyed,” the man says in the video, as translated by video captions.
Oh, I’m a real pig. It’s over. It’s over,” he adds while running. “I can’t connect my drone.”
After the clip made its way to Reddit, several users condemned the man for his actions.
Irresponsible drone pilot,” one user commented. “Should not be flying at that height over public places (with people underneath). This is the kinda shit that makes us other responsible pilots look bad. F*cking sh*t head.”
Fallen objects from that height is no joke, someone could very easily die,” another Reddit user wrote. “F*cker thinks its a funny video, wait till someone rats him out to the authorities. Also im not sure how steady the window panels are vs the impact of the drone, but I cannot imagine the harm it will cause if the panel falls down.”
To legally fly a drone in Kuala Lumpur, the person operating it must first obtain a permit from the Jabatan Ukur dan Pemetaan Malaysia, which costs 50 Malaysian ringgit (approximately $11.40).
Before applying for the drone permit, the operator must first receive permission from the landowner of the establishment. Failure to obtain a permit before flying may result in a fine of up to 50,000 Malaysian ringgit (approximately $11,440) or imprisonment for a maximum of three years.

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