Chinese Aunties in the ‘Florida of China’ Hold Wedding Party Hostage for Cash and Cigarettes

Chinese Aunties in the ‘Florida of China’ Hold Wedding Party Hostage for Cash and Cigarettes
Carl Samson
By Carl Samson
November 28, 2018
A squad of 100-strong entrepreneurial aunties in eastern China blocked a wedding convoy as part of a money-making scheme.
The incident occurred as the group of cars left a residential community in Luoyang, Henan on Monday.
In a video, the group of middle-aged to elderly women are seen blocking the convoy, refusing to leave until they are paid.
After some bargaining, they agreed to accept 800 yuan ($115) and let the group of cars pass through, NetEase reported.
Aside from cash, the aunties also took candies and cigarettes from the wedding-goers.
It turns out that the aunties’ scheme has been going on for some time. The women learn whoever is getting through from neighborhood security guards, according to a source familiar to their “work.”
According to the tipster, the aunties typically milk 1,000 yuan ($144) from each family. They once managed to block five wedding convoys in just a day.
The scheme appears to be a form of extortion under normal circumstances, but it’s unclear how these aunties seem to get away with it. Understandably, netizens have expressed disgust at the practice.
“I am now not surprised by anything that happens in Henan,” one said about the province, which is known as China’s Florida, according to Shanghaiist.
Others wrote on Weibo:
“This is extortion and robbery.”
“Is the elderly an extrajudicial object?”
“This rogue organization is catching up with the underworld.”
“On the day of great joy, no one wants to argue with these shameless people. They can only be cheaper.”
“The reputation of Henan people.”
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