Wife’s 10-year sacrifice, dedication pays off as husband wakes from vegetative state

Wife’s 10-year sacrifice, dedication pays off as husband wakes from vegetative stateWife’s 10-year sacrifice, dedication pays off as husband wakes from vegetative state
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Thanks to his wife’s unwavering dedication, a Chinese man has begun gradually gaining consciousness after being in a vegetative, semi-conscious state for 10 years.
Key points:
  • Sun Hongxia and her husband Wang Mingfeng’s heartwarming story was featured in a video from Dawan News in Hefei, Anhui province. The video, showing Sun meticulously stretching Wang’s limbs and neck while he remains in his hospital bed, was uploaded to Douyin on April 8.
  • “Although I’m very tired, I feel all is worthwhile as the family is reunited,” Sun, who also shares their lives on her Douyin channel, told Dawan News.
  • Her unwavering dedication to her husband garnered gratitude from her 84-year-old father-in-law, who said, “She is my daughter-in-law, but actually she is better than a daughter. No one can compare with her.”

The details:
  • Childhood sweethearts, Sun and Wang’s happy life took a tragic turn after Wang suffered a sudden cardiac arrest in 2014, leaving him in a decade-long vegetative state. His condition required a tracheotomy for breathing assistance and a urinary catheter.
  • Since then, Sun has dedicated her life to taking care of her husband, hoping that one day he would get better. She sought medical help and learned how to perform acupuncture and massage therapies for him.
  • Sun ensures his well-being is taken care of around the clock by constantly repositioning him to avoid bedsores and giving him sponge baths and massages for his limbs.
  • She also developed a method to help Wang regain his swallowing reflexes by dipping cotton swabs into stimulating substances like mustard and bitter melon. After two and a half years of using this innovative method, Wang was finally able to swallow pureed food.
  • Sun admitted to Dawan News reporters that she felt despair throughout the years, but the thought of their two daughters, aged 15 and 7 at the time of Wang’s heart attack, helped her push forward. She said, “I wanted to set a good example for them.”
  • Their eldest daughter is now a teacher and their youngest is now in high school, Sun shared.
  • Sun’s decade-long dedication earned praise from Douyin users, with one user writing in their comment under one of Sun’s posts, “Thumbs up for strong women,”
  • “You truly put in a lot of effort. Sister knows how much you hope he can wake up soon, talk to you, and face a different life together,” another user wrote in their comment under another post. “Little sister, keep going, keep going, keep going. Believe that your husband will recover soon.”
  • “Hongxia is kind and excellent, she is the best wife in the world,” one comment from another post read.
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