Chinese railway system launches trains with carriages devoted to studying

Chinese railway system launches trains with carriages devoted to studyingChinese railway system launches trains with carriages devoted to studying
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A railway system in southwest China has just launched several trains equipped with chairs and desks so that students of all ages can study as they travel.
The new features were highlighted in a series of videos and pictures released by railway operators on Weibo and Chinese government-run CCTV News on Monday.
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According to reports, the Chinese railway department made some changes to three of its trains, notably No. 5609/5610, No. 5619/5620 and No. 5633/5634.
The first train runs between Chongqing and Xiushan County, while the other two take passengers along the Chengdu-Kunming Railway line.
As seen in pictures and videos, the railway department converted several train carriages to “study carriages.”
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The carriages’ desks are installed adjacent to the windows to free up more space for passengers.
Chinese slogans — such as “Yu Yue,” which translates to “traveling and reading happily” — can also be seen inside the carriages to help motivate passengers.
Students who attend schools near the Chengdu-Kunming Railway line often take trains instead of school buses. Since these trains  are public-welfare “slow trains,” students get enough time to finish their homework while traveling to school.
Besides the three trains, the railway department also made some changes to its train No. Z150, which travels between Guiyang and Beijing.
Since around 400 universities and colleges can be found near the Guiyang and Beijing line, many students reportedly welcomed the conversion of one of the train’s carriages into a “book bar” back in 2015. This special carriage offers free tea, a lending library and other services to students traveling back to their respective schools. 

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