BTS’s Jin starts countdown for his return from mandatory military service

BTS’s Jin starts countdown for his return from mandatory military serviceBTS’s Jin starts countdown for his return from mandatory military service
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Many BTS fans, affectionately known as ARMYs, are celebrating in anticipation of Jin’s return to the spotlight after the singer initiated a countdown for the end of his mandatory military service.
Breaking the news: Jin, the oldest member of BTS at age 31, initiated the countdown for his much-anticipated return in a WeVerse post on Monday with a short message that read, “D-100,” presumably indicating 100 days before his mandatory military service ends on June 12.
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Not the first: Jin also updated his fans in a New Year video released in January, expressing how much he misses them and urging them to “wait a few more months” for his return to civilian life.

His military service: As the eldest member of the K-pop mega septet, Jin was the first to enlist in the South Korean military on Dec. 13, 2022. All able-bodied men between the ages of 18 and 35 in South Korea are mandated to serve in the military for 18 to 21 months as the country remains technically at war with North Korea.
Jin, who is currently serving as a drill sergeant, was promoted to corporal in July 2023, two months ahead of his expected promotion in September for demonstrating commendable dedication and camaraderie with both his juniors and seniors, which elicited high praise and recognition.
How fans reacted: Many fans could not contain their excitement after Jin posted the cryptic message on WeVerse, with one fan writing in all capitalized letters in their post on X, “Seokjin counting down with us. D-100 until Jin returns.”
“In about 99 days we will hear a familiar voice saying ‘Uri ami,” another fan wrote.
Meanwhile, one fan gleefully wrote in their post, “He’s coming, he is coming!”
Catching up: All BTS members are currently fulfilling their mandatory military service, with Jimin, 28; Jungkook, 26; RM, 29; and V, 28, being the latest to begin their conscription in December 2023. The group is expected to reunite as a septet around 2025.
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