‘No matter how rich you are, everyone has problems’: ‘Bling Empire’ S3 cast on healing in the midst of drama

‘No matter how rich you are, everyone has problems’: ‘Bling Empire’ S3 cast on healing in the midst of drama‘No matter how rich you are, everyone has problems’: ‘Bling Empire’ S3 cast on healing in the midst of drama
*Bling, bling* Los Angeles’ wealthiest Asians are here. 
The cast of the Netflix reality show “Bling Empire” joined NextShark over Zoom ahead of its third season premiere on Wednesday to dish on all the dirty drama that’s unfolded this latest round. 
Korean American adoptee Kevin Kreider returns once again, having entered Season 1 as the only outsider to the world inhabited by descendants of Chinese dynasties and heirs to billion-dollar weapons manufacturing moguls. With back-to-back filming for Seasons 2 and 3, it would seem he’s settled into place since the last time we spoke in May. The luxurious lifestyle is something he’s gotten “more comfortable with,” he told NextShark then.
But Season 3 shows there’s still a lot of challenges for the wealthy socialites to navigate in this world. Tensions mount between cast members as rumors and lies fly faster than any of their private jets, but it’s the spiraling relationship between Kevin and Kane Lim that has fans of Season 1, who only saw them as best buds, questioning what went wrong. 
Having struggled with his modeling career at the time, Kevin is upset in one scene upon learning that his co-star was set to become the face of Rihanna’s billion-dollar cosmetics brand, Fenty Beauty. He leaves instead of celebrating, visibly frustrated at what seemed to be a level of unattainable privilege wielded by the Oppenheimer Group real estate agent. 
Kevin confirms just as much when reflecting back to that moment, adding that his frustration had extended toward his fellow castmate Kelly as he began to question the sincerity of his friends’ offerings of support.
“I do a lot of things to help us all out. And I actually have very little, comparatively to you all,” he says. “And then [Kane] does this while I’m down in the dumps… And then he wants me to feel good and celebrate with him. How can you expect me to right now?” 
From Kane’s perspective, however, the modeling gig was the breakthrough he needed after years of dealing with insecurity from bullying. “It took a lot and I’m so thankful to Rihanna who brought that confidence out in me. So I’m really grateful to her,” he says. 
He also offers a word of advice: “To anyone suffering from insecurities, the entire show is filled with people filled with insecurities. No matter how rich you are, everyone has problems and everyone should know that.” 
By the end, it seems that the show’s theme — emphasizing love and friendship beneath all the drama — holds true as the cast join together in celebration of Kevin’s six years of sobriety. 
While a fourth season has yet to be confirmed, a spin-off series following Season 2’s Dorothy Wang and her circle of friends in New York City has just been announced. This latest season hinted at what’s ahead for the spin-off, with select cast members going back and forth between the two coasts. 
Catch more of what the “Bling Empire” cast — Kevin Kreider, Christine Chiu, Kane Lim, Kelly Mi Li and Kim Lee — had to say about Season 3 below: 

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