‘Bling Empire’ star Mimi Morris says she would forgive her husband for using prostitutes

‘Bling Empire’ star Mimi Morris says she would forgive her husband for using prostitutes‘Bling Empire’ star Mimi Morris says she would forgive her husband for using prostitutes
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Mimi Morris, a wealthy Vietnamese American socialite known for starring in the Netflix reality series “Bling Empire,” shared her views on relationships and marriage, saying she would not be concerned if her husband paid for prostitutes.
Mimi’s take on cheating: Mimi, a 53-year-old, Vietnamese-born business owner, considers being involved with prostitutes as less important than emotional infidelity. 
“If my husband would ever pay for prostitutes, that’s unfortunate, but I will forgive him since I don’t think it is a big deal. But I will file for divorce if he spends his love on another woman,” Mimi told NgoiSao, adding that she would not get jealous if her husband betrayed her but would feel heartbroken if he no longer loved her.
Mimi explains her relationship: The socialite emphasized her disapproval of women making scenes out of jealousy and believes that ending a relationship is the best course when trust is broken. She highlighted the strong commitment and trust in her own marriage with Don Morris, noting how her husband does not miss a chance to have dinner with her as long as they are in the same city. Don is the CEO of the Morris Group International, owning a total of 75 patents.
Initial challenges: The couple faced initial challenges in their relationship, mainly related to differing lifestyles and involvement in each other’s work. However, Mimi said they reached a compromise in which they refrain from interfering in each other’s businesses.
Mimi’s tips for families: Mimi offered tips for a happy family, including sharing meals together and taking care of one’s husband, children and home without relying on domestic help. She described how her husband frequently praises her in various aspects of her life, and how despite her occasional complaints, their relationship remains harmonious.
“I do the furniture arrangements in our house, I take care of my children and I prepare every meal on my own,” she was quoted saying. “I think every woman should take care of her husband and her kids while avoiding relying on domestic help for these tasks.”
About Mimi: Mimi is known as the wealthiest member of the “Bling Empire” cast. The couple, who resides in a $8.8 million mansion in California, has a net worth of approximately $800 million.
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