Nintendo releases ‘Bayonetta 3’ gameplay trailer

Nintendo releases ‘Bayonetta 3’ gameplay trailerNintendo releases ‘Bayonetta 3’ gameplay trailer
Nintendo released a new eight-minute gameplay trailer for “Bayonetta 3” during its Nintendo Direct presentation on Tuesday, nearly five years after its official release trailer.
“[Bayonetta will] fight to protect the world from the sudden invasion of man-made bioweapons called Homunculi,” Nintendo said of the third installment. Characters from the previous games that are confirmed to appear in the sequel include the journalist Luka and fellow Umbra witch Jeanne.

The trailer shows off a number of mechanics: mechanics such as Witch Time and Torture Attacks return for the sequel, and new mechanics such as Demon Slave and Demon Masquerade are introduced. 
With Demon Slave, players will be able to summon monsters called “Infernal Demons” to fight alongside Bayonetta, including a fiery spider-scorpion hybrid, a dragon-like beast and a giant bug woman. These summons can be used to fight in place of Bayonetta, leaving her vulnerable to attacks from enemies, or they can be fought alongside in deadly combo attacks.
Demon Masquerade allows players to channel the powers of Infernal Demons, changing Bayonetta’s appearance and giving her new abilities and attacks, unlocking additional possibilities for flashy combos and devastating damage.
The game also introduces a new playable character: the sword-wielding, “mysterious witch-in-training,” Viola. Viola fights with a sword and magical darts, rather than the typical guns used by Bayonetta. She can summon her own infernal demon, a cat named Cheshire, to fight alongside her while she continues barehanded.
“Bayonetta 3” will be available on Nintendo Switch on Oct. 28.
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