Pregnant Woman Arrested For Allegedly Defending Herself From Racist Nurse Who Assaulted Her

Pregnant Woman Arrested For Allegedly Defending Herself From Racist Nurse Who Assaulted HerPregnant Woman Arrested For Allegedly Defending Herself From Racist Nurse Who Assaulted Her
Editor’s Note: This article has been updated with a statement from the Sheboygan Police Department.
A Hmong American woman who sought treatment at a hospital in Wisconsin is now in court defending herself after standing up to a nurse who allegedly called her a “ch*nk.”
Bao Lor was admitted to HSHS St. Nicholas Hospital in Sheboygan on Feb. 3 after experiencing pain, vomiting and numbness due to a blood clot on her neck, she detailed in a post on Facebook.
After an hour of waiting for a physician, Lor claims she rang the call button and the nurse who admitted her said that the doctor will arrive shortly.
Thirty minutes later, she says a receptionist who asked her to sign consent papers rang the bell again after noticing that she had turned white and that the lower half of her body was shaking.
Bao Lor. Image via Bao Lor
“I feel like she’s [nurse] irritated already, so I’ll wait,” Lor told the receptionist. The latter replied that if the nurse had anything to say, “you can tell her I rang it” and “she can come talk to me.”
The receptionist eventually left the room. The female nurse, identified only as B.S., attended the call.
What happened next completely shocked Lor.
“Didn’t I tell you, you ch*nk,” the nurse said, according to Lor. “The doctors will be here shortly. And I can’t and won’t give you any medications for your pain because you’re pregnant and you’re a ch*nk.”
Lor at HSHS St. Nicholas Hospital in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Image Screenshot via Bao Lor
Outraged, Lor demanded a different nurse. But B.S. allegedly claimed that she had no right to request for a different nurse, because again, she is a “ch*nk.”
Lor then told B.S. that she can leave if she was going to be disrespectful. At this point, things started to get physical.
B.S. allegedly started to pinch Lor’s arm. In response, Lor, who was lying on her back, lifted her leg and kicked the nurse’s hand to stop her from pinching her.
“She just smiled and told me she wouldn’t stop unless I did something about it. That’s when I took my right foot and kicked her hands off of me,” Lor said. “And because of that, she smiled and said ‘Okay, now I have a reason to go grab security.’ She went to grab him and he saw me telling her to get out of the room, but she wouldn’t.”
Lor takes a photo of the bruise she had allegedly sustained from the nurse’s pinch. Image via Bao Lor
Lor claimed that B.S. held her arm until the security guard asked the latter to leave. Lor then told her side of the story.
B.S., however, was calling the police. Lor claimed that a female officer heard her story but only “laughed in my face.”
“Before she [officer] entered the room, they were outside my door already talking about what they wanted to do and say,” Lor recalled. “She came in already having her mind made up about the situation.”
Lor claims the nurse also discusses her previous visits with the officer without her consent. “When the officer came in, she kept bringing up my previous visits,” she said.
“Saying the nurse had all the rights to call/say whatever she wanted because she was higher authority. She did not try to understand why I did what I did, and even told me that if I went along with their story, she wouldn’t be taking me to jail that night.”
“Regardless, you can’t be kicking nurses,” the female officer tells Lor. Image Screenshot via Bao Lor
It was at that point when Lor started filming the situation. In the video, the officer can be heard saying, “Regardless, you can’t be kicking nurses.”
Lor retaliated with an argument: “But she can call me whatever she wants?”
The situation escalated as the officer allegedly accused Lor of resisting arrest and punched her in the stomach. She was in her first trimester of pregnancy at this time.
“While getting arrested, the female officer punched the right side of my stomach. I even told her that I was pregnant. She didn’t care,” Lor said. “She said we have a nurse at the jail, and as we walked out she made eye contact with the nurse. They smiled at one another and the nurse said ‘Bye, ch*nk.’ That’s when the female officer looked back at me and smiled.”
The officer claims that Lor had punched the nurse, but she denies it. Image Screenshot via Bao Lor
Ultimately, Lor was told that she could be charged with a felony and go to jail. She is currently represented by a public defender who recommends that she plead guilty.
Lor is not backing down, however. She set up a GoFundMe page to hire an attorney.
“I’ve been fighting this for months, but because I deleted the videos the first time around. The police department, along with my public defender took me as a joke,” Lor tells NextShark.
“I’ve been stressed out and just overall frustrated. They think that just because they’re higher authorities, they can do whatever they want. And no one will say anything about their actions.”
Lor took her story to a Facebook post last week. So far, her post has over 1,300 shares.
“That’s why I decided to repost everything, because it needs to be heard, especially if the nurse is still working there and the hospital is hiding it. Along with the cops,” Lor tells NextShark.
“I honestly don’t want this to happen to anyone else. Even though it’s been hard, [and that] I’ve been told to go kill myself and that I’m wrong for standing up. It’s sad but I’d rather speak out than one day hear that, that specific nurse or a different nurse hurt a different minority or any other person worse.”
A GoFundMe has been set up to help Lor here.
On Tuesday, Sheboygan Police issued a statement on Facebook regarding the incident:
Feature Images via Bao Lor
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