Bangkok’s Husky Café Lets You Play With Dogs for $10 an Hour

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If you are a certified dog lover, you definitely need to visit this café if you find yourself in Bangkok.

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True Love Café, also called the Neverland Siberian Husky Café, is the ultimate destination for the husky-lovers out there. The place allows you to interact with the dogs for 350 baht, or $10, per hour — a good deal for a sweet and memorable experience.
The café also maintains a very strict rule when it comes to cleanliness, so you won’t be hit by any dog smell going in. Guests need to wash their hands and wear plastic shoe coverings before they are let in. They also need to a watch a video that shows how to properly interact with the dogs, AsiaOne reported.
True Love Café’s furry welcoming committee includes huskies Pushiki, Moscow, Bacco, Panda, Jupiter and Kenya, among others. Their icy blue eyes, perky ears, and wolf-like features will surely melt any visitor’s heart. But because of their thick fur, staff need to place fans all around the area to keep them cool.

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Chotiros Ratanabirabongse, the owner of the café also known as Paw, said that although this breed of dog is highly intelligent, they are challenging to train. But despite the downside, they are also well-natured and don’t really mind hands that want to pet them.
Because these animals are from cold regions, Paw reassures that the huskies are kept in a 23-degree Celsius enclosure, switched on for 24 hours daily. They also let the dogs out to play five times everyday.
Before it was a café, True Love Neverland used to be a farm where owner Paw bred huskies for 14 years. After its opening in 2013, it has gained many patrons and has become a well-known travel destination among tourists.
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