Women Blamed After Getting Groped in a Pool Full of ‘Bachelors’

Women Blamed After Getting Groped in a Pool Full of ‘Bachelors’Women Blamed After Getting Groped in a Pool Full of ‘Bachelors’
Two women who were groped by a swarm of men in a swimming pool in Bahrain received a warning from authorities saying that they should never repeat such “actions.”
In a video posted on Twitter on Aug. 7, the women can be seen struggling to get out of the water as men cheered and groped them.
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It is unclear when the incident at The Lost Paradise of Dilmun Water Park actually took place, but it quickly went viral in the country.
Some argued that the women were to blame for entering the supposedly exclusive pool of “bachelors.”
“A prostitute deserves only that. Congratulations to all who harassed her,” RT quoted one Twitter user as writing.
Another claimed, “There is another video which shows how the two girls asked for it, they actually went between the men although the security guides clearly told them not to do so. THEY F**KING DESERVE IT.”
However, an overwhelming mass pointed out that the women — regardless of their choice of clothing — were no way at fault.
In a statement, Bahraini authorities said that the women were warned against entering the male-only area and denied accusations that they had been sexually harassed.
“The two women themselves went to an area where there were only bachelors,” Gulf Daily News quoted an official as saying.
“The matter was reported to the police and the women were warned not to repeat such actions anywhere, anytime.
“The individuals involved in the incident were strictly advised to avoid crowded pools.”
Meanwhile, the attackers also received a “warning,” though no further details were given.
The water park reportedly ramped up security following the incident.
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