Bachelor Vietnam’s First Season Ends With More Shocking Twists

Bachelor Vietnam’s First Season Ends With More Shocking TwistsBachelor Vietnam’s First Season Ends With More Shocking Twists
Vietnam’s version of “The Bachelor,” which made global headlines after two of its female contestants fell in love and left the show, has just wrapped up its maiden season with even more shocking twists.

Following the departure of lovebirds Minh Thu and Truc Nhu, the Bachelor Vietnam kept its audiences intrigued with some surprising choices and revelations made by other contestants in the season finale.
Bachelor Nguyen Quoc Trung’s pick in the Final Rose shocked many after he chose the soft-spoken Thuy Duong instead of the fan-favorite Kieu Trang.
Thuy Duong would then reveal a secret no one saw coming during the season finale reunion show, titled “After the Final Rose.”
Duong admitted that she was actually a single mom, shocking not only the audiences, but also fellow contestants, and the entire production crew. According to the producers of the show, she had kept her secret during the application process and hid it throughout the entirety of the production.
Two other contestants of the show were proudly open about their status as single moms from the start, but both of them were eliminated early in the first few weeks.
Duong reportedly told Trung that she already has a daughter after their first vacation as a couple together. While initially bothered by the fact that Trung had kept it a secret, Trung was able to get over it soon due to his love for her.
During the “After the Final Rose” reunion special, Duong apologized for having kept it a secret, noting that she had wanted to leave the show on numerous occasions because of it.
While many of the contestants were visibly shocked by the confession, other cast members such as Truc Nhu and Phuong Thao expressed empathy and support for Duong.
Trung then announced that he would marry Duong on July 17th, 2020, the anniversary of their final rose ceremony.

Fans of the show have been taking sides online, with #TeamThuyDuong opposing #TeamKieuTrang on social media.
Those who sympathize with Duong believe that she hid the secret to protect her family; #TeamThuyDuong have also noted that “it’s about Trung finding love and that he chose her despite it all.”
Many fans, however, feel that Duong had cheated her way into getting the final rose. Some believe that had she disclosed her secret earlier, she might not have made it as far as she did.

Even Trung’s mother expressed that she had been misled and lied to, noting that Duong had plenty of opportunities to disclose her secret during a visit from the couple.
The Bachelor Vietnam executive producer Anh Tran released a statement to NextShark to address the controversy.
“What an incredible first season for The Bachelor Vietnam. We’d like to congratulate the happy couple Thuy Duong and Quoc Trung and hope them all the luck in the world,” Tran said.
“However, on behalf of the show, the producers were shocked and disappointed about Thuy Duong’s revelation as she had both misled the show as well as the other contestants. The producers only found out right before filming the 14th episode. Thuy Duong had ample opportunities to disclose this fact about herself during the course of the programming from the first episode to the meet the family episode,” Tran added.

Due to Duong’s violation of the show’s policies and procedures, the producers decided to withdraw the prizes awarded to her.
Tran further stated that the show is committed to “do a far more robust background check and ensure that information such as this will be disclosed on the show when relevant.”
Meanwhile. the show’s director Danny Do has expressed excitement for another season of The Bachelor Vietnam following the eventful first season.
“I think we proved that we could do a show that respected Vietnam’s culture while at the same being true to the international Bachelor franchise. I’m proud that our territory of Vietnam generated one of the biggest global entertainment story in the world with the unexpected love story of Truc Nhu and Minh Thu and I’m proud of the excellent work everyone did on the show. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone for season 2 of The Bachelor,” Do noted.
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