Asian man who was berated for fishing in Australia injured after racist man attacked him

Asian man who was berated for fishing in Australia injured after racist man attacked himAsian man who was berated for fishing in Australia injured after racist man attacked him
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The son of an Asian man who was berated for fishing in Australia as seen in a viral video revealed that after the camera stopped rolling, a physical fight ensued, resulting in his father sustaining injuries.
What happened: In a video uploaded to TikTok on Jan. 7, user @cootercowgirl can be seen approaching the racist man wearing a southern cross hoodie while he was telling a Chinese man and his 82-year-old mother by a lakeside to leave because the area belonged to “Australian waters, not international water.”
The man in the hoodie was filmed telling the Chinese man to address the matter with “dictator Xi Jinping” before saying in slow, broken English, “because my family had sonar nuked on them in international waters. So this water, Australian water. You stay away. I see Chinese fishing in local pond, in suburban area. Not good.” The recording then ends as the man walks away.
The physical fight: In an interview with, the Chinese man’s son claimed that his father suffered a fractured right wrist, swollen face and cuts on his forearms after he stopped the racist man from leaving. 
“After that incident, my dad got injured because they actually had a fight,” the teenage son said. “My dad didn’t want to fight him, but he wanted to stop him. He said: ‘OK, you can’t go. You can’t just leave after you’ve said horrible things like that. I’m going to call the police and you have to stay.’” 
The man in the hoodie then became “really aggravated” and “used a stick to try to attack [the Chinese father].”
“His waist was also very sore. He actually couldn’t sleep for two days because it was really painful. He was feeling a bit upset for around two or three days because we’ve experienced around five or six incidents similar to this,” the teen added. 
About the family: According to the news report, the Chinese family, who moved to rural Victoria from China in 2018, has faced racism multiple times, including a shoplifting incident and a racial slur spray-painted on their milk bar business last year. Although they have reported incidents to the police and Human Rights Commission, they are disappointed with the lack of action. 
“After only five months of arriving in a foreign country, she can see her son getting harassed and yelled at for no reason,” the teen said of his grandmother. “It’s going to give her a really bad first impression about the country. And she’s really worried that similar incidents like that are going to happen in the future. She’s scared of the people around us because she’s basically lost trust.”
Investigation: Victoria Police are currently investigating the incident, which occurred on Nov. 21, 2023. The identity of the offender is currently unknown. The police emphasized they have zero tolerance for racist or hate-based behavior and urged anyone who witnesses such actions to come forward. 
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