Ann Coulter sparks outrage over ‘Hindu business’ jab at Nikki Haley, Vivek Ramaswamy

Ann Coulter sparks outrage over ‘Hindu business’ jab at Nikki Haley, Vivek RamaswamyAnn Coulter sparks outrage over ‘Hindu business’ jab at Nikki Haley, Vivek Ramaswamy
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Conservative author and commentator Ann Coulter is facing backlash after targeting Nikki Haley and Vivek Ramaswamy in a post on X, formerly Twitter, earlier this week.
What she wrote: Coulter suggested that Haley and Ramaswamy — Indian American candidates vying for the GOP presidential nomination, alongside engineer Hirsh Vardhan Singh — are “involved in some Hindu business.” Without elaborating, she said it was “not our fight.”
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Background: Coulter made the post amid the first Republican presidential debate, which was hosted by Fox News on Wednesday night. Among its highlights was Haley and Ramaswamy’s fiery exchange over the subject of U.S. aid to Ukraine in its ongoing war against Russia.
The facts: Hinduism was not mentioned during the debate. Ramaswamy is a Hindu Cincinnati-born entrepreneur, while Haley, who was born in Bamberg, South Carolina, converted to Christianity from Sikhism.
Reactions: Coulter’s words quickly drew accusations of racism. One X user called her a “racist troglodyte.”
“Yes, I’m sure Sikh turned Christian Nikki Haley has ‘Hindu business’. Thank you for this braindead take,” another wrote.
“Everyone shocked that Ann Coulter said something racist hasn’t been paying very close attention,” commented another.
Ramaswamy’s response: Ramaswamy’s team has responded to Coulter’s comment. In a statement to The Hill, communications director Tricia McLaughlin said Coulter “can tweet whatever she wants to” while pointing out Ramaswamy’s support from Christian voters.
“Vivek has traveled this country and is very grateful for the warm support he has received from Christian voters across the country,” McLaughlin said. “Vivek shares and lives by the same Judeo-Christian values that this nation was founded on — and that the way Vivek lives his family life offers a positive example for their own children and grandchildren.”
Tangent: The New York Times is also getting flak for publishing an opinion piece co-authored by Coulter. The article, which long-time Times columnist Frank Bruni and political consultant Stuart Stevens co-wrote, analyzed the recent debate.

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