AI beats humans in creative potential, study finds

AI beats humans in creative potential, study findsAI beats humans in creative potential, study finds
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A study has found that artificial intelligence — specifically ChatGPT-4 — surpasses humans in creative tasks, challenging the long-held notion that creativity is an attribute exclusive to humans.
Key points:
  • ChatGPT-4 bested 151 humans in three tests designed to measure divergent thinking, a known indicator of creative thought.
  • Aside from highlighting AI’s capabilities, the study prompts a re-evaluation of the metrics used to measure creativity.
The details:
  • ChatGPT-4 demonstrated higher creative potential across various tasks, including generating creative uses for everyday objects, imagining outcomes of hypothetical scenarios and producing semantically distant nouns.
  • The study, published in Nature’s Scientific Reports, was authored by University of Arkansas Ph.D. students Kent F. Hubert and Kim N. Awa and associate professor Darya L. Zabelina.
  • The researchers said AI managed to generate more original and elaborate ideas than humans, even when controlling for the fluency of responses.
  • The study has some limitations, including its focus on creative potential rather than actual creative achievements.
  • The authors also acknowledged AI’s lack of agency and dependence on human interaction for creativity, as well as the possibility that the study’s human participants may have felt the need to respond more pragmatically to the tests.
What’s next: 
  • The findings pave the way for AI to act as a tool of inspiration and for aiding in the creative process, helping people overcome stagnant thinking.
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