10 Asian Guys Sexier Than 2017’s ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ Blake Shelton

Country superstar, “The Voice” host, and Gwen Stefani’s current beau, Blake Shelton, has been nominated as People Magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive” for 2017 — which is honestly weirding out pretty much everyone.
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Quite frankly, we have nothing against the guy, but we can totally name a whole bunch of Asian hotties who deserve the honor a tad bit more. So here’s a list of them:


Godfrey Gao is one ridiculously hot guy, and after having had the pleasure of meeting him, we can say that he’s humble and chill as well — which makes him all the more attractive! As the first Asian male model for Louis Vuitton, he definitely had to be cream of the crop to break those kind of barriers. And who doesn’t love a man who can rock stubble like he can? Truly, Gao is a god among mortals, and definitely very deserving of the title “Sexiest Man Alive”!
Godfrey Gao


There’s something so sexy about a guy who could literally rip you in half like a phone book but chooses to be gentle instead. After being killed off in the “Game of Thrones” (no spoiler alert, you’ve had time), the Hawaiian hottie set his sights on the DC Universe, playing the titular role in James Wan’s adaptation of “Aquaman”. One thing we absolutely love Jason Momoa for, though, is just how much he loves his wife. Like, we’re obsessed with a man who’s obsessed with his wife!
So sweet!


If you don’t know who Ludi Lin is yet, you’re really missing out. Those abs are certainly a sight for sore eyes, and he has a jawline sharp enough to cut butter. In our (shirtless) interview with him, we learned that he’s also tri-lingual — he speaks English, Cantonese, and Mandarin. We literally can’t resist a man with both body and brains, so who could be more deserving of the title than a guy like Lin?
Ludi Lin
Daaaaaaaamn, abs for days!


This lovely London man has had a long and storied career in the film industry, starring in movies like “Rogue One” and “Jason Bourne”. Riz Ahmed made headlines this year for being the first Asian man to win an Emmy Award for acting, which means he has to be a pretty impressive person to achieve such a feat! Ahmed has kind of a subtle sexy — he seems like the silent type that would be sipping whisky at the bar, only to meet your gaze halfway across the room and send shivers down your spine. Plus, he was in the “Boys” music video and we watched that like three million times.
Riz Ahmed


We dare you to find a more attractive pair of brothers…except you won’t be able to, because the Sudarsos — Peter and Yoshi — are a peak pair of hotties. We honestly couldn’t choose a favorite, so we had to throw them in together; we imagine the same thing will happen when they’re nominated for “Sexiest Man Alive” and just both win the title because they’re total babes. Like, look at them — these Power Rangers, whether shirtless or fully clothed, are fine af. Homeboys gonna get itttttttttttttttttttttt…
Sudarso Brothers
We love them. A lot.


Lewis Tan is one sexy ass man! We’re definitely a bit obsessed. We were upset that he was passed over for the main role in “Iron Fist”, but knowing that he’s currently working on the third season of “Into The Badlands”, we’re coping. One seriously sexy thing about this guy is that he does all his own stunts — meaning he’s fit af! Can we just induct him into this exclusive club already? The man definitely deserves the title!


zayn malik
via Wikimedia Commons / (Left): First Access Entertainment (CC BY-SA 3.0) | (Right): Kurt Kulac (CC BY-SA 3.0)
To say that Zayn Malik is one of the most beloved men on this Earth would not be an understatement in the slightest. The former One Direction member stole a lot of hearts and wooed a lot of young women — even breaking the internet with a single strand of hair. Like, he’s literally just known for being extremely good looking, so why not give him the title? It’s definitely deserved, and millions around the world would agree!
zayn malik


harry shum jr
via Instagram / (Left): harryshumjr | (Right): harryshumjr
Isn’t there something just so irresistibly sexy about a muscular man who can sing and dance? We definitely think so, which is why we have a thing for Harry Shum Jr. We first fell in love with him back in his “Glee” days and have been crazy about him ever since. And although he’s beautifully chiseled, he still has a friendly, innocent look to him, so he’s got that approachable-type sexy going for him. We’re fans!
harry shum jr
Lord have mercy!


via Instagram / (Left): danielhenneyofficial  | (Right): abybom__official
Have you met our future husband, Daniel Henney? Please get acquainted — but not too close, he’s ours! This beautiful man is probably best known by the younger crowd as the voice of the also incredibly attractive Tadashi Hamada from “Big Hero 6”, which is honestly perfect because he seems like he’d be like Hamada in person. Henney got his start in modeling, but he’s acted in both Korean and U.S. television and film. He’s a man of many talents, and we think that’s sexy af!
daniel henney
Be still, my heart!
Did we miss your faves? Shame on us — tell us about them in the comment section!
Feature Image via Instagram / (Left): abybom__official | (Right): t1dmomlife
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