San Francisco Launches Program For Entrepreneurs To Help Solve City’s Problems


Yesterday, San Francisco Mayor Edwin Lee and the White House launched a new program focused on recruiting entrepreneurs to create tech-based solutions to improve the city’s public sector problems. Such is an interesting coincidence, because yesterday was also the day the U.S. Navy committed to giving $30 million to Hawaii to help solve the state’s high-energy usage.

Apart from solving the city’s problems, the announcement noted that this program is also designed to help entrepreneurs capitalize on the $142 Billion public sector market. It’s interesting that this market is so underserved considering the fact that the bay area is home to such a large startup community. According to the announcement, “the entrepreneurial products or services should drive significant impact such as increased revenue, enhanced productivity or meaningful cost savings” to the city.

A mayor’s office spokesperson told VentureBeat:

“Rather than someone building an app that tells you how late the buses are running, it’s a bit like an app that tells you how the entire Muni system is running.”

The program is called Entrepreneur-in-Residence San Francisco. It will last 16 weeks from mid-October, 2013 through mid-February, 2014 and include “Mentorship from senior public sector leaders across the Bay Area and private sector leaders working in a diversity of industries”, according to the San Francisco’s government website.

For anyone interested in applying for the program, click here.

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